07 OctInterpreting Dream Colors for Deeper Meanings

dream-interpretationDreaming is like watching a movie which often comes without an ending; lucid dreaming can make you control your dream and have the fun of ending it the way you want it to.  Like a film director, you also have the option to make it colored. Is it not fascinating to watch them in dream colors? It is fun indeed, but there is truth to dreaming in colors. This is one aspect that dream interpreters need to learn as it adds another dimension in the interpretation of dreams.

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25 SepSolve your Problems with Hypnosis Induction Scripts  

hypnosis-inductionIf you are too stressed, working for long hours a day, doing everything like clockwork, you must do something. Stress is never good, particularly when you literally sleep and breathe with it.

Paying no attention to it can pose risks to both your mental and physical health. It makes your immune system weak and rendered helpless once assaulted by diseases. It can lead you to depression. If you want to get rid of stress and bad habits like smoking, then, you must do something.

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25 SepHow Dream Guides and Spirits Help Lucid Dreamers  

lucid-dreaming1Each night people enter the fascinating and mysterious world of dreams. It is hard to ignore its occurrence because the occurrences are real, but dreams are not.

While dreaming is an ordinary nightly phenomenon, not every dreamer is capable of lucid dreams or having dream guides and dream spirits.

The Dreams Called Lucid Dreams

Can you control what happens in your dream, and do things that please you? Can you fly and win battles in your dream? Can you make you fondest fantasies come to life in your dreams and see it to end the way your heart desires without ever leaving your bed? If you can, then you are a lucid dreamer.

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25 SepDemystifying Common Dreams during Pregnancy

4.1.1Mood swings, weight gain and food cravings are not just the things that women must live with during pregnancy; they also need to get used to having vivid dreams. These dreams seem to be more frequent especially when nearing the full term.

Just when they are getting adjusted with all the changes in their physical, emotional and psychological states, pregnancy throws another curveball: dreams that are so vivid and sometimes even bizarre.

There are common dreams that pregnant women seem to have during this delicate stage (conception dreams?).

Understanding Pregnancy Dreams

pregnantDreams are actually normal for all people; pregnant women are no exception. What makes pregnant women seem to have more vivid dreams than regular folks have something to do with their physical condition: heavy with a baby and raging pregnancy hormones are partly to be blamed.

Human brains are said to be a repository of so many memories from childhood. Much of it is buried in the deep recesses of the human subconscious. Recent memories continue to be saved each day. Dreams are instigated by these memories as new experiences stimulate some deep-seated memories to resurface. Anxieties, changes and even thoughts can trigger these memories to be awakened. Pregnancy is a state when so many changes are taking place; these are enough reasons for pregnant women to dream more often.

The high levels of hormones are also believed to influence the intensity of their dreams. The brain, particularly the subconscious could be in overdrive leading to very vivid dreams. It is also believed that their dreams are not as many or as vivid; they just tend to remember their dreams more because of waking up often.

This is because during the last leg of the pregnancy, their frequent urination makes them experience short, frequently interrupted sleep so that they become more aware or conscious of their dreams.

Some Common Dreams for Pregnant Women:

  • Sensual Encounters – are more common during pregnancy to compensate for significant reduction in sexual activities. Despite the advice that sexual activity is allowable during said condition, the heaviness creates discomforts that naturally deter couples to continue with their normal intimate acts. The fear that it can also harm the baby or stimulate premature labor make the parents-to-be apprehensive. The nagging thought of sexual incapability to satisfy the husband’s needs and one’s own physical urge can unconsciously trigger anxiety and erotic dreams. Dreams about the husband having an affair are also common.
  • Water – like swimming pools and beaches are symbols of amniotic fluid that maintains and sustains the baby. It can also mean the water breaking during labor and before delivery. It is a conscious thought that the bag of water must not break before the baby is due. This thought can be stimulating dreams of water even without being aware of it.
  • Baby and the baby’s name – are thoughts that persist the entire pregnancy which is not a surprise. Once a woman finds out about the pregnancy, a mother’s mind and innate feelings, thoughts, energy and the entire body are centered on the developing fetus. The knowledge, the changes in the body, the anxiety regarding the health and safety of the baby, and the excitement send the mother’s mind in overdrive that lead to dreams about the baby.
  • Labor and delivery – are both anticipated and dreaded. Thus, the mind of a pregnant woman is full of that moment. The physical changes in the body particularly the early signs of labor or contractions are enough reminders of what’s to come.

Pregnancy is a physical state of the body that bears a lot of life-changing consequences during and even after pregnancy. Hence, it is not surprising that a pregnant woman’s mind gets an overload of persistent thoughts. Compound that with the raging hormones and the frequently interrupted sleeps and you have the perfect equation for many vivid unusual and common dreams.