07 AprAir Compressor Review; what are the best compressors?

The market today is filled with many types of air compressors. Sometimes it is just hard to choose the best among the many. Most of them almost have the same features but with a few of them making them different. There are those that are heavy as rock while others are ultra-light. Some are designed for the heavy industrial use while others are for home and office use. Choosing the compressors will depend on the need that you have in mind.


The best air compressors are defined by the air speed, volume, the tank size, portability and the noise levels. Those are some of the things to consider while choosing your compressor. Here are the best compressors.

California Air Tools (CAT-6310)

The noise coming from this air compressor is compared to that of a hair dryer and is one of the best quiet air compressor you can get and people love it because it is quite whenever using it. The compressor is still the most affordable when compared with other models in the same category. Due to its size and flexibility, the compressor can easily handle many household tasks. This is for people who want to air some of the tools around the house or while talking to a friend. Learn more about quiet air compressor at aircompressortalk.com/best-quiet-air-compressors.

Porter Cable C2002-WK

It is regarded as the most selling compressor on Amazon. It is the cheapest compressor that people have ever bought and still functions well. It is small in size and light at the same time. This makes it easy to move it around the house and do your work with it. The compressor has many more attachments, but with a bargain price and is one of the best reviewed air compressors on the market but if you are interested in reading air compressor reviews you can head on over the air tool zone and learn more.

Senco PC1010

It is uncommon to find people forgetting about mentioning this compressor when looking to buy one. It is quite popular, as it weighs only 20 pounds. Such a weight makes it among the lightest air compressors in the market. Combining its reputation and reliability, this is regarded as the best value compressor in the market. Many people who have used it have left the best reviews just to share with the world the type of compressor it is.

Makita Mac5200

Without a lie, the Makita is big, heavy, and expensive. What makes people love is the fact that it is reliable. It is uncommon to see someone complaining about its performance. It always gets the job done at any time. If you have a large house, the use of the Makita will make your work easy. The cleaning process will take less time as compared to when using the smaller models. Not many people would want to take hours to clean the house.

Campbell Hausfield FP209499

For people who are on a budget, this compressor will work for you. At only 80 dollars, you are good to buy the compressor. Unlike many other budget compressors, the Campbell is reliable and durable. Many people who own it had stayed with it for a longer time than expected. It weighs only 19 pounds making it easy to use around the house or garage. It is just perfect for doing the small tasks in the household.

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